Laser Hair Removal for Women and for Men

The only PAINLESS laser hair removal available in the 904 area. With this type of technology available, why would anyone choose to pay for PAINFUL laser hair removal? Quick, easy, painless & affordable. Beach bod, here I come.

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Tattoo Removal

The ONLY tattoo removal in the 904 area! We utilize the latest technology available for the fastest healing time and the most comfortable procedure. Technology available nowhere else in the St. Augustine area.

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Body Sculpting

Remove fat and tighten skin with a pain-free, non-surgical treatment.

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Painless laser hair removal, tattoo removal, body contouring non-surgical face lift, body sculpting

I cordially invite you to come and explore Farghaly Med Spa. Come and experience the warm and caring services and professional treatments that you deserve.

Our medical expertise with advanced laser technology and medical spa products allow us to not only offer you the best personalized treatments but we also get the chance to offer services that will have optimal results.

What sets us apart from others is that Dr. Basant Farghaly has an immense passion for not just the patients but also as a medical provider she knows how to get to the BEST results.

Meet Dr. Basant Farghaly

Farghaly Med Spa is a St. Augustine medical aesthetic spa that is owned and operated by Dr. Basant Farghaly and her professionally trained staff. We are committed to helping you look and feel your absolute best.

Farghaly Med Spa offers a wide range of services and treatments that include painless hair removal, acne and scars that come with acne, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and so many more.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your appearance or health you do NOT have to suffer. Dr. Farghaly can help you to find a nonsurgical solution for your specific goals. Dr. Farghaly has an immense amount of compassion, passion and a sincere desire to help people with the best and most painless treatment possible.

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Sun spots, spider veins, rosacea, acne scars, stretch marks, scars, crows feet, wrinkles and more.

Every service is customized based on each clients unique skin care goals. Call us to schedule your consultation.

Body Sculpting


With this machine we have access to new technology that gives us the ability to have selective targeting and high speed treatments.

Ultrasound refers to the frequencies of sound outside of the audible range. Frequency refers to the number of cycles per second that is measured in Hertz.

Ultrasound waves waves attenuate just below the surface, selectively targeting only the larger cells.

Radio Frequency

Electrical field causes rotation of your water molecules. The rotation creates friction and that friction causes effective heating of the surrounding tissues.

The technology that is in this particular machine allows the clients to have more comfort while the precise depth of energy penetration with focused heating within the relevant layers of tissue.

Skin Care

Farghaly Med spa carries DNA Enzyme Technology – Photozyme. As a Doctor that has a passion for REAL results this is a line that I recommend with absolute confidence. DNA repair in Florida needs to be talked about more so that people don’t needlessly suffer!

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can seem scary, but Farghaly Med Spa has you in mind and will make it as comfortable as possible starting with a numbing cream that will be sent home with you after your consultation so you can apply it before your appointment.


It is our goal to make pricing for professional services fair and affordable, putting these services in reach for those who may need them the most.

Painless Laser Hair Removal
  • Chin $50
  • Lip $50
  • Side Burns $50
  • Eye Brows $50
  • Forehead $50
  • Fingers $50
  • Toes $50

Results You Can See

Before and After
Individual results will vary based on condition and procedure. Most services require multiple treatments for optimal results.
  • Upper Leg $200
  • Lower Leg $150
  • Upper Arm $200
  • Lower Arm $150
  • Full Arm $300
  • Under Arms $50
  • Brazilian $250
  • Bikini Line $150
  • Ear or Areola $75
  • Chest $200
  • Upper Back $200
  • Lower Back $200
Tattoo Removal
Every tattoo is different, in order to estimate how many laser treatments will be required, please contact us for a free consultation and pricing estimate.
Other (Quick Relief) Services
  • Migraine Relief $40
  • Testosterone Therapy $30
  • B12 Shot $30
  • Full Face $400
  • Partial Face (Nose/Cheeks) $250
  • Crows Feet & Forehead $200
  • Full Chest $300
  • Neck $200
  • Hands $200
  • Upper Arms $300
  • Forearms $200
  • Full Arms $600
  • Upper Back $300
  • Full Back $600
  • Partial Legs $300
  • Full Legs $600
  • Individual Spots $175
Clear Lift - Q Yag Switch
  • Full Face $350
  • Neck $350
  • Face & Neck $500
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Body Sculpting - Ultrasound & Radiofrequency
  • Full Abdomen & Flanks (2 treatments) $1,000
  • Full Abdomen (2 treatments) $700
  • Flanks (2 treatments) $700
  • Thighs (front or back) (2 treatments) $700
  • Saddlebags (2 treatments) $700
  • Arms (2 treatments) $500
  • Neck/Submentum (2 treatments) $500
  • Full Face (2 treatments) $700
Body Sculpting - Ultrasound Only
  • Full Abdomen & Flanks $750
  • Full Abdomen $525
  • Flanks $525
  • Thighs (front or back) $525
  • Saddlebags $525
  • Arms $375
  • Neck/Submentum $375
  • Full Face $525
Body Sculpting - Radiofrequency Only
  • Full Abdomen & Flanks $750
  • Full Abdomen $525
  • Flanks $525
  • Thighs (front or back) $525
  • Knees $375
  • Saddlebags $525
  • Arms $375
  • Neck/Submentum $375
  • Full Face $525
  • Around Eyes $300
Ebrium Yag Laser
  • Full Face $800
  • Partial Face (Nose/Cheeks) $350
  • Crows Feet & Forehead $300
  • Upper Lip Lines $150
  • Upper & Lower Lip Lines $300
  • Upper Chest $400
  • Neck $300
Skin resurfacing, body sculpting, acne scars, ultrasound & radio frequency treatments


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Customer Testimonials

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Wide variety of services, overall experience was great, as well as the staff. Highly recommed this place!

Kylie K
Jacksonville, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal, tattoo removal, ebrium yag laser, clear lift, IPL, IV nutrition treatments, Xeomin, fillers & more

If your question is not listed please send us an email.

NOPE. Here at Farghaly Med Spa we have the most innovative and the newest technology so that we are able to offer PAIN FREE treatments. We care.

No. From laser hair removal to a clear lift, there is no downtime at all.

The erbium laser peel is the only treatment that you might want to consider downtime for as your face will peel. However, that is up to each patient.

No. We do in house treatments that are of a medical grade but because we use the best technology available, you don’t need medication at all.

No. We provide the glasses, body coverings and we provide comfort.

The times vary from client to client. We will go over a timeline during your consultation.

Please feel free to ask any questions anytime! We will happily answer as quickly as we can.

For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete paperwork.

More FAQ's will be coming soon as they arise.

Before & After

St. Augustine med spa before & after photos

Before and after results from some of the many corrective medical procedures Farghaly Medical Spa provides.

Before and After

Ebrium Laser

Before and After


Before and After
Acne Scars with Rosacea

IPL and Ebrium

Before and After
Photo Damaged Skin

Clear Lift

Before and After
Fine Lines & Wrinkles w/ Discoloration

Clear Lift

Before and After
Double-Chin with Rosacea

Body Sculpting with IPL

Before and After
Acne Scars with Hyper Pigmentation

Clear Lift

Before and After
Spider Veins

IPL & Body Sculpting

Before and After
Fine Lines & Wrinkles & Photo Damaged Skin

Clear Lift

Before and After
Stretch Marks

Clear Lift

Before and After
Hyperpigmentation Spots


Before and After
Sun Spots

Clear Lift

Before and After
Hyperpigmentation & Sun Spots

Clear Lift

Before and After
Deeper Pigmentation

Clear Lift

Before and After
Spider Veins


Before and After
Acne Scars


Before and After

Body Sculpting

Before and After
Stretch Marks

Clear Lift

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